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Clark Wilhelm Griswold Jr., also known by his pet name Sparky, is a major character in the vacation series. He is a main character in the first four films, as well as having a minor role in the 2015 movie. His favorite Barney Home Video is “Barney In Outer Space”.

He is the patriarch of the Griswold Family and is always searching for adventure. He often goes into huge tempers when his family and other characters (such as hotel employees and theme park staff) gets on his nerves.

He also flirts with women despite being married. He’s the husband of Ellen, and father of Rusty & Audrey. Clark enjoys playing arcade games and pinball machines. He is a professional in the prepared food industry and is an expert in the field of additives and preservatives. Clark can be a bit of a jerk. He is very headstrong and goes off the rails when he doesn't get his way, flying into temper tantrums, and eventually descending into a complete meltdown when his plans collapse completely and resorting to extreme measures - e.g in Vacation he holds a Walley World employee at gunpoint when he arrives to find the park closed, whilst in Christmas Vacation he goes on the rampage with a chainsaw and colludes with Cousin Eddie in having his boss kidnapped to confront him for revoking his annual bonus.



European Vacation[]

Christmas Vacation[]

"Hey kids, look a deer!"- Clark distracting the kids from him flipping off the drivers.

"I Had Sex with ertha kit"- Clark ranting about his boss.

"Hallelujah, Holy sh*t, Where's the tylenol?"- Clark finishing his rant.

Vegas Vacation[]

Hotel Hell Vacation[]

Vacation (2015)[]